Jeff Schomay

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My Creative Side

Screenwriting. Game design. Narrative design. Visual Design. UX.

I didn't start out as a programmer, and in fact my degree is in Film Production. I've always been intrinsically creative. I use creativity to stand out. I use creativity to solve problems. But mostly I use creativity to make things more fun and more interesting.

My original way to creatively express myself was primary visual, in a number of mediums, including hand-drawn and digital artwork, 3D graphics, and photography.

After earning my degree in Film Production, I became more and more focused on storytelling, and focused my creative expression on screenwriting.

Recently, I have shifted my focus again, and now apply my creative attention to game design, and the overlap of screenwriting and story in games.

One interesting aspect of having such a wide a range of interests, is that many of my disciplines overlap. This leads to unique situations to creatively use elements from one discipline in another. Another benefit is that I often have a unique perspective, and can pull back to see the "big picture" from a different angle.

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Creative Work

Feature-length Screenplays

I've written a few screenplays including "Someone's Gotta Pay": A struggling PI gets a break when a local millionaire hires him to follow his wife. But when the wife turns up dead, the PI is the primary suspect, and must unravel a deeper chain of crimes to prove his innocence.

Some of my screenplays I've been turning into interactive fiction.

Game design

I constantly come up with creative game ideas. Some of them are playable online on my games portfolio.

Panoramic Photography

A collection of unique perspectives from my travels at home and abroad.

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My Technical Side

Full-stack web application development. Polyglot. Functional programming. Game dev.

I love coding. I spend most of my time writing code, or talking about code, or thinking about code. With my code before me in vim, I have the power to create anything literally at my fingertips.

I wasn't always a programmer. Although I played with coding ever since I learned to make simple games on my TRS-80 in BASIC, my original focus was more visual, and I earned a BFA degree in Film Production rather than CS. Since then however, I have become an expert and continue to diligently hone my skills and stay active in the community.

All of my experiences have led me to functional programming, especially statically typed languages. In particular, I have become extremely active in Elm and I can't get enough. I have spoken at Elm conferences, I have open source Elm projects, I run meetups and teach Elm, and I have championed using Elm at Pivotal Tracker.

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Technical Work

Github and CV

See all my code on Github

Download my CV

Game dev

I've made a few games in multiple tech stacks. You can find the source and play them on my games portfolio.

Elm Conf talks

Talks about building the Elm Narrative Engine

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